Lift 10mg (Min. Order: 10)




It’s small. It’s refreshing. It lets you feel the effects faster!This portable, single-serving Citrus Acai Lift is formulated with Dixie Boosted™, our exclusive blend of natural ingredients that improves cellular metabolism and enables your body to absorb THC more quickly. So you get a more efficient activation and a more pronounced ramp-up effect.Coffee Mint: Wake up and smell the coffee. And the mint. And the pure, CO2-extracted THC.10 mg Per Bottle (1 serving)Dixie Boosted™ contains three key ingredients (Quercetin / Resveratrol / D-Ribose) that improve cellular metabolism and increase the uptake of all ingredients in Lift—including THC Lift is sold in 1 oz., child-resistant bottles Dixie Lift is triple lab tested for consistency and quality


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