Good Stuff Tonics Ginger Apple Kombucha (Min. Order: 10)




fluid oz | 100mg THC2 fluid oz | 20mg THCMICRODOSE: 8 fluid oz | 5mg THCHave great gut health and drink your cannabis at the same time. Introducing Good Stuff Tonics, the healthy cannabis infused wonderfulness that will have you feeling relieved on a number of levels. This is an excellent product and we feel this could be an outstanding product for not just overall health but also may aid patients that suffer from IBS, or other digestive complications. Our team members love the flavor and zingy pop of the apple and ginger inside the kombucha. Another benefit is the quick onset of the cannabis effects that the kombucha seems to accelerate.Good Stuff Tonics Kombucha is organic, low-suger, GMO-free, fast acting & delicious!The Ginger Apple Kombucha is the flagship flavor and the most popular! Benefits from this THC dominant drink include:Relieves pain & inflammationReduces & eliminates nausea & vomitingProvides relief for digestive health problemsCreates euphoric effectsKombucha can provide an energy boostPromote weight lossAid in detoxificationHelp heal the gutEnhance mental clarityImprove moodIngredients: Filtered whole water, Organic evaporated cane sugar, Organic tea, Kombucha culture, Organic apple juice, Organic ginger, Gum Acacia, Organic Olive Oil, Solvent-Free Cannabis Oil made from Organic Cannabis flower


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