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Ideal for fast relief and precise dosingTinctures are a good choice for many patients because they are easy to use, quick to take effect, are discreet and are virtually odorless. Sublingual administration allows the active ingredients to get into the bloodstream more quickly than an edible as the tissue beneath the tongue contains a huge number of tiny blood vessels and the cannabinoids in the tinctures quickly diffuse into these capillaries and the bloodstream. By avoiding the digestive tract, activation is quicker and sublingual absorption avoids the liver which lessens the intensity, while still delivering very effective relief. Read more about our top tinctures on our blog!Ingredients: Cannabis oil, coconut oil.Care By Design products:Are made from the flowers and leaf of local, sustainably grown cannabisAre made in medically appropriate formulations, including sublingual sprays, softgel caps, and oil extractsOffer a full spectrum of CBD:THC ratios and strains so that patients can comfortably optimize their cannabinoid therapy while moderating (or even eliminating) psychoactive effectsAre rigorous consistency (unit to unit) in the quantity of active ingredients by manufacturing all products in a pharmaceutical-grade “clean” roomAre lab tested as free from contaminants in a PFC-­certified labInclude complete and accurate labelingPromote community safety by using non-­volatile extraction methods


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