Calivolve Chocolate Truffles (Min. Order: 10)



GORGEOUS DARK BELGIAN CHOCOLATE TRUFFLES WITH CAREFULLY CURATED CANNABIS FROM HUMBOLDT COUNTY All organic, naturally vegan and gluten free. In 3 delicious flavors: Cherry, Mint or Matcha Low-dose: Scored to share – 10mg sativa per truffle  ( 1 truffle per package ) Calivolve is a luxury cannabis brand born in California for those who live a well curated life. They believe taste is a moral choice. When you surround yourself with beautiful and interesting things, and seek out quality experiences, life can be magical. Discover the magic Calivolve.LIFE SHOULD BE DELICIOUS.Calivolve has infused dark Belgian chocolate with carefully curated cannabis to create exquisite truffles.Enjoy a beautifully measured experience wrapped up in a gorgeous childproof box for you and your friends to share.BEAUTY + TASTE + EXPERIENCE — THE PERFECT TRIFECTA


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